Alice Cooper Sees “New Dawning In Rock Bands”

Perhaps once again the oft-touted claims that “rock is dead” are premature. At least if you ask Alice Cooper who has a pretty good idea who is saving that part of the music world.
Speaking to Canadian rock journalist Mitch Lafon, the shock rocker says, “I think there’s a new dawning in rock bands. I think there’s an emergence of bands that have the right idea.”
Cooper points to veterans like Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Guns N’ Roses, telling aspiring bands to emulate them because they “really bring it every night.”
As for who Cooper digs right now, he doesn’t have to look much further than his upcoming tour partner Halestorm. “Lzzy’s band gets up there and rocks it, you know,” Cooper declares.
Who are some bands you think are saving rock? Which do we really need to check out?

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