Looks like Alice In Chains will be going on hiatus at the end of the year, but first, they have some big plans. The Seattle rockers are heading out to Europe, then will return home for a tour across North America with Korn.
Speaking to Bionic Buzz at the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic earlier this week, Jerry Cantrell dropped the bombshell announcement.
“We’re looking forward to that, it’s been a really great tour. With the album we put out last year Rainier Fog, we’ll have spent about two solid years on the road which’ll be the Korn tour; the Korn tour will be the end,” the guitarist reveals.
Meanwhile, the band inspired Black Antenna will put out a film and web series, taking episode names from each song on the record.
What do you think of the band’s latest release? Which two other 90s acts would you like to see tour together?

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