ALT 99.7: Columbia’s Rock Turns To The Alternative

It’s just hard to believe so much great music is NOT on the radio in Columbia. For years radio stations in the Midlands have been simply missing out. Until now… ROCK, becomes ALT.

We’ve created a brand new sound that cuts through the nonsense.

A station designed for you.

It plays the music you want to hear.

The NEW ALT 99.7 is all about the music. Bringing you new bands and artists while offering a chance to reconnect with the songs you love. ALT has become a place to hear music that’s been ignored in South Carolina for too long.

Shifting away from the way of the ROCK Panda allows Columbia’s Alternative to bring you even more incredible sounds. Whether throwing it back or discovering your new favorite – make it Columbia’s Alternative, ALT 99.7. Here we go…