After captivating audiences as the charismatic Steve Harrington in Netflix’s Stranger Things, Joe Keery has transcended his acting success to become a notable artist.

Under his musical alias, Djo, he makes a noteworthy debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated March 2. The catalyst for this recognition is his synth-pop solo project’s viral sensation, “End of Beginning,” which was initially released in 2022 as part of his second solo album, Decide.

Two years later,  the standout track is having a breakout moment, as the song has just reached #18 on the Spotify Global Chart, as well as #2 on U.S. Viral 50, #5 on Viral 50 Global and #7 on U.S. Top 50. From your ‘For You’ page to the ALT Pick of the Week… Steve from Stranger Tings is on ALT 99.7!