Originating from a quaint town on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas, Late Night Drive Home found themselves thrust into the limelight overnight and in 2024, it’s put “Stress Relief” on the map. Transitioning from obscurity to fame, this quartet quickly secured a record deal, landed a coveted spot supporting Interpol on tour, and coming out of weekend 1 at Coachella, they’re our favorite new thing.

Their latest EP, “i’ll remember you for the same feeling you gave me as i slept,” marks a deliberate departure for the young band. Steering towards richer sonic landscapes and delving into darker thematic realms, they encapsulate the essence of their adolescent turmoil within a mature trio of compositions.

The kids from El Paso are offering some “Stress Relief,” so take the Late Night Drive Home with your ALT Pick Of The Week.