New Orleans, LA – Barry, the tropical storm that has been brewing off the coast of Louisiana has officially become a hurricane.

Authorities say water is flowing over the tops of a few levees in areas south of New Orleans as Tropical Storm Barry nears the coast.

Officials said Saturday morning the levees are in lower Plaquemines Parish and are not the main levees protecting the Mississippi River.

Plaquemines Parish emergency workers told news outlets they are getting crews to check the levees and make any repairs needed.

The levees are near Myrtle Grove and Pointe Celeste, and the water is threatening Highway 23, one of the main roads through the parish.

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser told WVUE-TV anyone who remains south of Myrtle Grove should evacuate from the finger of low-lying, flood prone land that follows the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.

Much of Plaquemines Parish had been under an evacuation order since Thursday.