I watch a lot of TV. I mean, A LOT. Lately, I find myself trying to determine whether a scene is filmed using a set, on location, or with a green screen (yes, I enjoy nothing). It’s harder than you think.

It was a tweet about Mama Mia! being filmed in front of a green screen that sent me down this rabbit hole. I thought that for any plausible, real life scenario, they just traveled to the location or found a place that looked similar enough. But nope, they’re just standing in a studio pretending to be in Greece (or wherever it’s supposed to be set, I haven’t seen the movie)

This is wild, right?!

I tweeted this question out over the weekend, while I was watching Gossip Girl because I can’t determine if they’re really filming in NYC or not. Also a side note, GG is hilarious. I highly recommend it. Seeing rich people who have money, power, are getting laid, and have so many prospects in life be sad really makes me LOL.

Anyway, I got a response about what new tech and editing software is being used for the The Mandalorian and (shout out to @_Edward_Thatch_ on Twitter for sharing with me)! I watched the video above and was like “Holy $h!t!!!”

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