Coldplay Would Like To Tour In A Plane Powered By Milk

Coldplay has been an eco-conscious band for a while now, using renewable energy when they’re on the road. But frontman Chris Martin wants to push the boundaries, and wants to tour “in a plane powered by milk.” 

“We’re about halfway where we want to go. A place we are struggling is transport,” Martin says of their sustainability. “That’s where we need help and we need technology to develop so that we can fly in a plane powered by milk or something like that. So if anyone is making a milk-based plane…”

Coldplay is in the midst of a bunch of shows at Wembley Stadium, but Chris admits they’re not the real stars of the show. “People are coming to see us, kind of. But they are really coming to be part of something,” he shares. “We are almost just the house band and everyone else is proving the entertainment. Especially after, or during, COVID it’s a chance to let go and be free. That’s what we want to encourage in our audience and in ourselves.”

This is crazy-talk… right?