Corey Taylor: Rock and Metal at The Super Bowl is Long Overdue Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has just said what we’ve all said for years; rock and metal at the Super Bowl are long overdue.  Taylor made the comments following Loudwire’s article about Disturbed’s David Draiman’s wishes to sing the National Anthem at the big game.  Taylor tweeted “Let’s make our voices heard in support of David and let the NFL know we want him to sing the anthem.  It’s long overdue for rock and metal to be represented at the Super Bowl.” The Super Bowl had a chance to highlight the Bay Area’s best with Super Bowl 50.  Both Carlos Santana and Metallica are from San Francisco but decided to have Coldplay perform instead. How can the NFL appeal to both mainstream pop and also rock fans at the same time?  Which rock or metal act is long overdue to perform the halftime show?

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