It takes a big man to process constructive criticism before offering a well thought out response. And that’s exactly what Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has done after his new mask sparked a firestorm of Internet barbs as many fans find it too simple or not scary enough. Taylor’s response? “F*** you!”
“My vision was about trying to create something uncomfortable – not only for me to wear, but for people to look at,” Taylor explains. “I wanted it to feel like it was something that was created in someone’s basement – something that was made specifically to f*** with people.”
Which is to say fans are giving the Slipknot frontman exactly what he was shooting for. “It’s the representation of public opinion turning on a dime – they want to tear people down for the way they live, even if they don’t really know them,” he says. “It’s been liberating to embrace that side and be like, ‘F*** you!’ I really don’t give a sh** what you think about me!”
Do you really care what kind of mask Taylor wears? Would Slipknot be as popular if they took off their masks and played it straight?

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