Sure. Perhaps Greta Van Fleet does sound a bit like Led Zeppelin. But what’s the big deal? Brian Tatler doesn’t find any issue.
Speaking to Record Collector Magazine, the Diamond Head guitarist defends the Michigan rockers for their throwback sound and even admits that their frontman, Josh Kiszka, “does sound a bit like Robert Plant.”
“You’ve gotta draw a comparison with Zeppelin, with that guy’s voice. There’s a lot of bands that sound like Metallica, there’s a lot of bands that sound like Iron Maiden – why not have a band that sounds like Led Zeppelin?” Tatler asks.
One concern Tatler has for GVF is the hype around them, telling interviewer Andy Rawll, “I hope they can do it. They’re young, good-looking guys, the world’s at their feet, but it’s a hell of a lot of pressure – more pressure than bands like Zeppelin, or Sabbath, or Purple have had back in the day. So we’ll see what happens.”

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