Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently set off a feud with Imagine Dragons, declaring that the Vegas rockers are the new most hated band, joking that their music sounds “all the same.”
Dan Reynolds took to social media to defend his group, saying that he’s gotten over others taking swipes at them.
In the singer’s response, he named Smashing Pumpkins as one of those detractors. But it turns out Billy Corgan never said anything about them.
It was Marilyn Manson, who was sitting next to Corgan at their joint tour press conference in 2015 who uttered the dismissive words, admitting, “I like to put on Imagine Dragons when someone says something that pisses me off because it’s like a punishment.”
Imagine Dragons gets a lot of hate, but what positive things can you say about the band? Why do you believe people aren’t down with them?

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