Roger Waters is not a fan of Israel’s government, so any time an artist announces that they’re heading to the country, he makes his displeasure known.
Disturbed recently landed in the crosshairs of the former Pink Floyd bassist, but David Draiman isn’t backing down from next month’s concert, noting on the “Bring Disturbed To Israel” Facebook page, “I’m a very, very strong supporter of Israel forever and for our people.”
The frontman opined, “And regardless of whether it’s Israel or anywhere else, boycotting an entire society and an entire people based on the actions of its government is absolutely ridiculous. And it doesn’t accomplish anything.”
Draiman takes specific issue with the BDS movement, firing back, “The very notion that [Roger] Waters and the rest of his Nazi comrades decide that this is the way to go ahead and foster change is absolute lunacy and idiocy — absolute. It makes no sense whatsoever.”
Does Draiman have a point? Should Waters be making what other bands do his business? How can the two sides find common ground?

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