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Fall Out Boy’s new record contains actual human tears.

The band launched a bizarre limited edition version of their LP ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ filled with real tears for “maximum emotional fidelity.”
The so-called Crynyl records sold out of pre-orders within an hour on Monday, with just 50 copies available, although the band said some have been held back for a giveaway.

The package includes a double-sided, tear-filled LP in a gatefold box with built-in tissue dispenser.

The site for the record says, “Music is more than just sound waves. It’s passion, struggle, and emotion.  That’s why we developed a new kind of record: one that contains the artists’ actual tears. When you listen to a Crynyl release, you’re not just listening to what the artist played, you’re feeling what they felt.”

Would you pay extra for tears in your album? From what band?