First Day Of ‘When We Were Young’ Festival Canceled Due To High Winds

The inaugural ‘When We Were Young’ Festival was forced to cancel its first day due to high winds.

Just hours before the festival was to set to begin in Las Vegas, Saturday’s events were canceled due to forecasts of “dangerous 30-40 mph sustained winds with potential 60 mph gusts”. Organizers said it was “not a decision that came lightly” but that “the safety of our fans, artists and staff will always be our top priority.”

Sunday’s lineup, including My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Bring Me The Horizon, is expected to perform as scheduled.  A third day with the same lineup will take place next Saturday, Oct. 29th. Was it the right call to cancel the entire show due to winds?

Should they refund people’s flight and hotel expenses as well as the ticket price?