Greta Van Fleet On People Who Dislike Them

The members of Greta Van Fleet have just reached their 20s, but they’re already well versed in dealing with haters.

In a new interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the band tells their detractors where to stick it. Sam Kiszka says they don’t try to make music to please people. “We make music for ourselves, honestly,” the bassist/keyboardist reveals, adding, “We sculpt the album to be the way we want it to be rather than thinking, ‘Well, this might be catchy’ or ‘This may be more effective to grab listeners.'”

Kiszka admits that it was “strange” the way they signed their record deal, having to wait until he turned 18 so he’d be considered a legal adult.

As for those who point out the band’s Zeppelin-esque sound, it was hearing Bob Dylan that turned Kiszka on to making music, specifically “Tangled Up in Blue,” which he says, “blew my mind.”

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