Loss can be many things…hard, devastating, unbearable. But now, it could soon be a thing of the past. As AI infiltrates more and more areas of our lives, it’s now here to prevent us from truly “losing” anyone. May I introduce you to “grief tech.”

Per Vox, grief tech startups are creating AI-powered “ghostbots” to help people dealing with grief and loss:

  • Replika lets users create an “AI companion who cares,” promising chats, video calls, and coaching sessions on its site.
  • With HereAfter AI, users record answers to interview questions and upload photos while they’re still alive, leaving behind a virtual version of themselves.
  • StoryFile also needs to be preplanned: Users can record videos of themselves that are turned into AI-powered, interactive conversations for loved ones.
  • After inputting basic information, users can chat with the departed via Seance AI’s ghostbot.
  • And You, Only Virtual is an AI communications platform that lets users create a “Versona” so that they can continue their unique relationships virtually after death.

Of course there are “risks.” Things like…does the deceased want to live on in this way (yes, we’re talking consent), as well as will those living become obsessed/addicted and unable to deal with the natural cycles of life?

What do you think of this technology?!