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Guess The State: A Thief Broke Into a Store and Stole $250,000 . . . of Pokémon Merch

$250K is an incredible haul for a burglary . . . that’s almost “Ocean’s 11” level.  But THIS thief might not even want the money.

Last Thursday, someone broke into a place called Punch Out Gaming in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  They actually broke into a neighboring store, which was vacant, and then busted through the shared wall, Kool-Aide Man style.

Punch Out Gaming sells a lot of Pokémon stuff, and that’s what the guy was after.  He was reportedly in and out of the store for TWO HOURS . . . and got away with a TON of boxes of merchandise worth about $250,000.

The thief was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras, but he did NOT enter a back room that would’ve tripped the alarm.  Maybe that’s because he was familiar with the store . . . or maybe that was because that’s where the safe was, and he wanted the Pokémon merch and NOT the cash.

He’s still on the run.

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