Noodles On The Possible Release Of The Offspring’s Next Record

The Offspring have recently completed work on their 10th studio album. So when will fans get a chance to finally listen?
A seemingly frustrated Noodles gives an answer in a recent interview, admitting, “I’m through making predictions. We have a record done — it’s in the can; it’s done.”
As for what might be the holdup, the guitarist reveals the background story: “We’re looking for distribution, we’re looking for a record label, and every time I say something, it gets pushed back, and so I’m not even saying anything. I have no idea.”
If it were up to Noodles though, the tracks would be out, who notes, “I could hit ‘send’ right now, and you would get 12 finished Offspring songs, but that might piss off [singer] Dexter [Holland] a little bit if I did that.”
Should the band just go on their own with releasing the music? Would it be better for the fans to hear the new stuff now rather than wait?

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