The longtime media feud between Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger has drawn another player into the mix: Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds.
Responding to Taylor’s comment that Imagine Dragons are replacing Nickelback as the worst act in rock, Reynolds posted a series of Instagram messages in which he takes the high road, saying he feels “sadness” over the trash talk.
“I don’t feel anger towards them actually, just more of a sadness that this industry embraces, even celebrates this mentality.” Reynolds writes. “I wish it felt like a place where artists stood by each other and supported one another – regardless of our different tastes and voices. My bandmates are some of my best friends. We are authentically ourselves and strive to bring positivity and empowerment to the world. We’ll continue to do just that.”
Do you think Reynolds’ non-angry approach will earn Imagine Dragons respect? How would you have responded to Corey Taylor’s comments?

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