Jared Leto Climbs Front Of German Hotel Without Harness

Jared Leto decided to test his stuntman skills and acted as a daredevil by scaling up a hotel’s stone wall without a harness.

On Monday, Jared was seen climbing the Hotel De Rome in Berlin. Although he wasn’t too high up on the wall, he was high enough to grab attention and, should he fall, injure himself. He did, however, safely descend again.

It’s unclear what the actor was trying to accomplish, but it’s important to note that he was there with TikToker Younes Zarou, since the group was filming other segments with Jared close to the hotel, including one with a lot of smoke.

It’s possible that JL became bored and decided to climb free solo for their enigmatic collaboration.

What’s the most daring thing you have done in your life?