Nothing says punk rock like having two members of the most recognizable bands of the genre nearly come to blows at a panel discussing a docu-series about their music.
Wednesday’s gathering in Los Angeles for Punk assembled huge names like Henry Rollins, Guns N’ Roses’ bassist Duff McKagan, L7’s Donita Sparks, and producer John Varvatos among others on the same stage.
After a comment on the legacy of the Ramones, Johnny Rotten took issue with Marky Ramone even being there, berating the drummer saying, “[You’re] not even an original Ramone!”
Telling the Sex Pistols’ frontman to “Sit the f**k down,” Ramone went on to dismiss Rotten’s role in his band, quipping, “And Sid Vicious was the star.”
Do you think this was just to generate hype? Which punk bands really define the genre?

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