KORN has sued their former drummer David Silveria for allegedly violating the terms of their settlement that was reached three years ago.
Silveria left KORN in 2006. Then in 2016, he sued his former bandmates alleging that he was owed royalties for his ownership of the band. Silveria also alleges that he never officially left the band but was on hiatus. Silveria also said that his bandmates weren’t receptive to his idea of returning to play drums in 2013.
Countersuits were filed and eventually, both parties agreed to a settlement. However, KORN is alleging that Silveria has cost KORN nearly $290,000 in payments from royalty administrator SoundExchange after he claimed last summer that he was entitled to a cut of the band’s earnings from streaming, causing SoundExchange to place a hold on the payouts. Now KORN’s camp has filed a lawsuit against Silveria, claiming that he has no rights to any of the money since he was given a lump sum payout in his settlement with KORN.
Do you think that if Silveria’s playing is featured on streaming services that SoundExchange handles, then he is owed money or do you think he lost any monetary rights when he settled out of court with KORN?
Have you ever fought over money with friends or family members?

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