On August 3rd, an historic clash between two football powerhouses, Liverpool F.C. and Manchester United, is set to unfold at Williams-Brice Stadium as part of the highly anticipated Rivals in Red Tour. This summer spectacle, spanning three cities, promises to be a momentous event, uniting the Premier League titans for what is poised to become the most significant international soccer match ever held in the state.

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Boasting a global fanbase, Manchester United stands as one of the most widely supported soccer teams worldwide. With an impressive record of 20 league titles and victories in every major English and European competition, the team has solidified its status as a football giant.

Liverpool F.C., a revered and triumphant soccer institution, will be making its return to the United States after a hiatus of five years. The club, with a rich history, has clinched 19 domestic league titles, secured eight FA Cups, and triumphed in six European Cups, making it one of the most successful and beloved teams in the sport.

The upcoming clash between these two football giants is sure to be a highlight of the Rivals in Red Tour, captivating fans and leaving an indelible mark on the soccer history of the state.