“What’s it like being female in a rock band?” is a question frequently asked of many frontwomen, which probably gets exhausting for some, but not for Lzzy Hale.
Speaking to Concert Addicts, the Halestorm singer says she doesn’t get upset because “I think that there is one specific moment in my life where you have to kind of embrace the fact that you’re a girl.”
Pointing to her discovery of other female-fronted bands like Heart, Hale reveals they inspired her to pursue a career in music.
Feeling it’s “important” to answer, Hale admits, “Because some girls are, like, ‘Oh, it’s great, and I love rock music. But who’s doing something that I wanna do? Who sounds like something that I wanna sound like? And who is in my gender?'”
What could the music world do to inspire more women to play rock?

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