Marilyn Manson has some big plans for the second half of 2019. He kicks off a new North American tour on Tuesday, which takes him on the road through August. There are plans to release an art book and make some appearances with that. Then sometime before the end of the year, he wants to put out a record.
The shock rocker told Revolver recently that he already has six songs completed for the album, which he thinks he’ll simply title, Marilyn Manson.
“I’m in a mode in life where I wanted to tell stories with this record, and it’s sort of like a wax museum of my thoughts, a study of the chamber of horrors in my head,” Manson reveals.
Manson has no plans of packing it in either, admitting, “I feel in fighting mode, ready to take it all on, and make a record, and keep that flag a-flying, and to make sure people know that this isn’t just sort of tapering off.”

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