Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda is calling fake news on recent reports the band is looking for a replacement for the late Chester Bennington.
On Thursday, Shinoda looked to ‘clarify a rumor’ in a tweet, saying “We are not looking for a new singer, and if it were to happen organically, I’d be open.” He then called for the media to “stop making s*** up”.
Rumors began to fly after an interview earlier this week where Shinoda said he could see LP bringing in a singer “if we find someone that is a great person and a good stylistic fit”.
As for the future of Linkin Park, it appears to still be up in the air, with Shinoda saying the band would “get together soon and hang out and see what’s up”.
Do you think Linkin Park could ever replace Bennington? Will they continue as a band or split off into other projects?

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