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All Things Apple…

Apple advises iPhone users to avoid sleeping near charging devices for safety reasons in their recent safety manual update. The tech company recommends ensuring the phone isn’t under pillows or blankets when connected to power. Apple also stresses using its standard chargers and advises against prolonged skin contact with charging components. Furthermore, Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 will not support iPhone 8 and X models due to compatibility issues.

In other Apple news…

Years after a lawsuit alleged Apple was adding software that slowed down older iPhones, Apple has agreed to pay a minimum of $310 million and up to $500 million in compensation for approximately 100 million iPhone users, in what the firm is calling the “largest-all cash recovery in a computer intrusion case in history.”

Payments will be distributed to people who filed claims before the October 2020 deadline. Around 3 million people filed and were approved, Verge reported, and expected payments are around $65…which is cool because if your service was so bad you bought a new phone that ws probalby closer to a grand.


Can We Clean The Internet?

The internet is about to change thanks to the European Union and the world’s biggest tech companies are bracing for the change. The European Union’s Digital Services Act covers everything from social media moderation to targeted advertising and counterfeit goods in e-commerce. It applies to companies including Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Snapchat, TikTok, and many others. The law is aimed at concerns tech critics have raised in recent years, including the spread of misinformation and disinformation, potential harm to mental health, particularly for young people, a lack of transparency, and illegal or fake products on virtual marketplaces. Amazon is challenging their inclusion in court. And yes, we will see the changes, too.


William Shatner Dives Into AI

William Shatner is exploring the new frontier of artificial intelligence. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk has been working with the hologram company Proto Inc on a new device called ProtoBot, which combines conversational AI with holographic visuals. Shatner told “Reuters” that he’s been asking the device questions that an ordinary computer can’t answer, such as ‘does Protobot know what love is,’ or ‘does Protobot understand emotion.’ The ProtoBot will be available commercially on September 8th.