New Brookland Tavern, the cherished establishment located on State Street in downtown West Columbia for the past thirty years, is set to relocate by the end of 2023, as confirmed by the bar’s owners through a recent Facebook announcement.

In the September 27th Facebook post, they stated, “Yes, the building has been sold, and yes, we are moving out. Our lease will conclude on December 31st, with our final show scheduled for sometime in mid-December.”

The owners of New Brookland Tavern had previously announced in late August 2023 that the building was up for sale. At that time, it remained uncertain whether they would be able to continue operating in the same location or if they would need to find a new space. Now that the building has been sold, a move is inevitable, although the new location has not yet been disclosed. The property at 122 State Street was listed for sale with an asking price of $774,900, according to its Re/Max listing, but the final sale price has not been made public as of now.

The century-old building has been a central hub for both local and touring music acts since the 1990s.

In response to the impending move, the bar’s management and co-owner, Carlin Thompson, initiated a GoFundMe campaign in late August 2023 to raise funds for a new location or necessary repairs to the existing building. Thompson explained that the building required essential upgrades, including a new HVAC system and plumbing, which were financially unfeasible for them to undertake. The reason for listing the building for sale stemmed from the fact that NBT was on a month-to-month lease agreement with its landlord when it came to responsibilities like plumbing and air conditioning.

The decision to sell the building was driven by the owners, the Skipper Family, who sought to recover funds for other investment properties in West Columbia. Jimmy Skipper, the executor of the estate that owns 122 State Street, had expressed a desire to retain New Brookland Tavern within the State Street vicinity.

Thompson, NBT’s head music booker and co-owner, assured that they would be announcing the bar’s new location in the coming days.

In the interim, New Brookland Tavern has a packed schedule of shows and fundraising events to prepare for the impending move. The September 27th Facebook post concluded, “Every show you support from now until then is incredibly helpful, and every little bit counts, whether you purchase a ticket, a beverage, a burrito, or make a donation.”