Portland, Ore. — What was built up as a possible violent protests, fizzled out when the leader of The Proud Boys says he was “Throwing Mayor Ted Wheeler a curveball”

After crossing the Morrison Bridge as a group and gathering in Waterfront Park, Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio told his supporters they were going to “waste city resources” and that they were going to go to a second location for a BBQ.  After working with Portland Police, the group was allowed to cross over the Hawthorne Bridge, which was closed at 4 am, back to the east side of the Willamette River.  They then held a meeting near the Portland Fire Station on the Eastbank Esplanade before dispersing.

A small group of right-wing supporters continued to march towards the Tilikum Crossing without much fanfare.

On the west side of the river, Antifa supporters continued to rally and march and at times clashed with Police.

Photo: Cooper Banks

Portland Police announced about 1:00 pm that three arrests had been made.

A short time later, KXL’s Jacob Dean was near the onramp of the Morrison Bridge when he caught a confrontation between two different groups.  One group was on two buses heading way while the other appeared to be members of Antifa.

A video posted by Andy Ngo shows that bus also having it’s window busted out along with chasing what appears to be a younger teenage girl and a man up the off ramp of the Morrison bridge.

Shortly before 2:30, another confrontation between protesters and police was caught on video.

At 2:30 pm, Portland Police posted this video to Twitter announcing there had been four arrests:

About 3:00 pm, Antifa members started marching west on SW Oak street as Portland Police used a speaker to tell them to get out of the street.  That warning was not headed by protesters.  The group then headed towards Pioneer Square.

Photo: Jacob Dean

About 4:15 pm, Portland Police declared a “Civil Disturbance” after protesters blocked streets in Downtown Portland.