Rage Against The Machine’s last appearance was in 2011 at the LA Rising Festival. But thanks to a social media post by one of the band members, rumors have started to abound about a reunion.
Drummer Brad Wilk shared a photo of the quartet on stage to his Instagram, captioned, “Hug it out… #ratm #2011?”
Immediately the commentators went nuts, sparking hopes that the band will return.
One user wrote, “You guys need to reunite, you’re like the Avengers. The people need R.A.T.M. The Evil empire is striking back,” while another added, “We need u together guys, more than ever.”
Do you think the photo had a hidden meaning? Which other bands have been MIA that need to make a comeback?


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🤷🏻‍♂️Hug it out… #ratm #2011?

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