People Keep Stealing ‘420’ Mile Markers in Washington State

In 2012, Washington became one of the first two states to legalize marijuana. Now, the Great Northwest is having a cannabis-related problem on its roadways — but not the type you might think. Overzealous pot enthusiasts keep stealing the green and white mile 420 signs from the shoulders of the state’s highways.
“They will typically go and take those more than anything,” says the Washington Department of Transportation’s Trevor McCain. “They have special meanings to some people.”
But after replacing the mile markers countless times, DOT officials have finally come up with a solution: They’ve moved the markers back one-tenth of a mile and replaced them with signs that read “419.9.”
In all fairness to Washington marijuana users, 420 markers aren’t the only signs the state has had to modify. Officials have also replaced mile 69 signs with ones that read “68.”
Can you think of any other state signs that would look cool hanging on your wall? Can you explain how “420” came to mean “marijuana?”

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