“We Are Not Your Kind” might still feel new to fans, but to the members of Slipknot it’s already old news. In fact, drummer Jay Weinberg says the nine-member group has already started thinking about a follow-up to the album.
“We’re musicians,” Weinberg says. “That’s what we do — we write and create music, and we’ve created songs that we’ve announced that is Slipknot’s sixth album. But we’re constantly in a creative mode. As artists who want to keep pushing forward and charting new territory and keep making art that we’re really proud of, of course we’re thinking about the next record.”
“We Are Not Your Kind” debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, Slipknot’s third consecutive album to accomplish the feat.
When a band releases an album too soon after the last one, do you assume the music isn’t as good as it could have been? Would you call Slipknot a “novelty act” after six albums?

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