Slipknot’s Original Singer Has No Interest in Rejoining Band

Since percussionist Chris Fehn has left Slipknot over alleged lost earnings, a lot of fans are wondering who will replace him.  Just don’t ask former Slipknot vocalist and percussionist Anders Colsefni to return. After Corey Taylor tweeted and soon deleted “F*** I would love that” in a response to one fan asking if Slipknot would want Colsefni to return, Colsefni himself responded to the idea. Colsefni posted on Facebook saying that he would never return to Slipknot because he enjoys actually making money working a steady job in concrete construction.  He says that he wants to have a career that he can actually retire from and not worry about “being homeless” once touring is over.

In other Slipknot news:

Chris Fehn Wants to Stay in Slipknot

Chris Fehn’s lawyer says that despite being kicked out of Slipknot after suing the band over alleged lost earnings, the percussionist wants to stay in the band he’s been a part of for the last 20 years. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Fehn’s lawsuit alleges that he wasn’t getting paid his fair share of money from the band and accused singer Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn Crahan of having “secret Slipknot entities” that drew money for themselves. Fehn’s lawyer said that if it was up to Fehn, “he would remain a member.” Have you ever got into a disagreement over money?

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