The New Sonic Slushies are Wine-Themed

Sonic is going to be offering new wine-themed slushies to their menu that are called ‘Uncorked Slushes’.

These new slushes will be alcohol-free, but offer the great taste of some of your favorite wine cocktails like strawberry frose, red berry sangria, and peach bellini.

Sonic’s statement said:

“The new Uncorked Slushes offer the perfect union between Slush and wine-inspired flavors. Our culinary team is always looking for flavors that pair perfectly with the season, and the Uncorked Slushes will allow our guests to soak up every last moment of summer with each relaxing sip.”

These new ‘Uncorked Slushes’ will be available from August 30 thru September 26.

What’s your favorite Slushie flavor at Sonic? Are you going to try these new slushes?

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