It turns out that being a rock star doesn’t just involve hard-partying. At least if you’re Thirty Seconds To Mars.
The Jared Leto led group is going the opposite direction, hosting an “all-inclusive festival experience with yoga amongst the trees, swimming, relaxation and intimate performances” this summer.
Taking place from August 21-24 on the private Croatian island of Obonjan, tickets for Mars Island 2020 won’t come cheap.
The Stargazer South Camp package runs $1,499, which includes a four-person air-conditioned tent plus two full-length concerts by the band as well as community and wellness focused activities. Shell out $6,499 for the VIP Daydreamer package and you’ll be upgraded to a more luxurious stay.
What’s the most you’ve paid to see a band in concert? Was it worth the money?

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