Turns out, the music you blast in the car will have an effect on how you handle yourself behind the wheel. The people at iAM Roadsmart and Auto Express put that theory to the test, strapping a driver into a simulator for their study.
After recording a control lap, the researchers put on a Bach symphony, which caused the driver to slow to 35 mph in a 50 zone without him realizing.
The results were a bit better with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” with the driver’s time being closer to the first run. Although he did overshoot the finish line by “a potentially dangerous 60-70ft,” with the rapper’s song.
Unfortunately, the Slipknot lap was the most erratic, coming in, “a staggering 14 seconds slower and his throttle movements were far more jagged while listening to the metal compared to the control lap.” The driver also admitted he had trouble staying focused with them on the radio.
Which music gets you too pumped up for driving? Ever get busted speeding while rocking out behind the wheel?

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