Fans have been waiting on news of what blink-182’s upcoming record will sound like, and if you love their early 2000s output, you’ll be very happy.
Speaking to Billboard, Travis Barker reveals, “I feel like this is the closest we’ve come to something like [2003’s] Blink-182 since that album, which is one of my favorite blink albums by far.”
The drummer admits their last LP, California, “was similar to Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: re-establishing the band, giving fans what they really want and expect from blink,” leaving room for experimenting now.
As for the actual release date, it shouldn’t be much longer according to Barker, telling the magazine, “April, May or June”.
Which era of the band has been your favorite? What do you think of their sound without Tom Delonge?

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