Twenty One Pilots Fans Accuse The Chainsmokers Of Copying

Some Twenty One Pilots fans are speaking out on social media about similarities between the Pilots’ stage show and The Chainsmokers current tour.
Twenty One Pilots’ Bandito tour has been out since last October. It received high marks for complex staging and pyrotechnics.
The Chainsmokers’ World Way Joy tour is making the rounds as well. Twenty One Pilots fans noticed that The Chainsmokers show looked nearly identical.
Among the criticizing tweets, one person wrote, “Ok, you cannot call THIS just a trend that a lot of bands/artists are doing. This is A very distinct, UNIQUE Twenty One Pilots thing and the Chainsmokers are just…ripping it off…Jesus Christ.”
Do most concerts look the same to you? Have you noticed artists stealing concepts from each other?


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