Two Members of Crazy Town Got Into a Brawl . . . And It Was Caught on Video

Two of the guys in Crazy Town got into an actual, physical fight after a show in South Carolina Sunday night, and somebody caught it on video.

Apparently, singer Shifty Shellshock didn’t even show up until the end of the show, leaving Bobby Reeves to handle all the vocals.  And he made it known to the audience that he wasn’t happy about it.

Well, after the show ended, Bobby and Shifty went at it, and there’s video showing Shifty on top of Bobby, whaling on him.  He’s also yelling about how Bobby owes him money.

When they get back to their feet, they continue arguing, with Bobby threatening Shifty and his family . . . including his kids.  Then he sucker-punches Shifty.

But later on, Bobby posted a video showing off a black eye, and saying it’s all good, and he and Shifty are brothers.

(WARNING:  The fight video contains profanity.) 

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