Ugly Sweater Quotes For Insta That Express Your Elf

Chances are you’ve been invited to an ugly sweater party this holiday season, whether it was IRL, on Zoom, a “fun” day at the office, or you got stuck with one from that White Elephant you went to. Whether you love or hate the trend, it can be super fun to post yourself in your ugly sweater on social, whether you’re being serious or facetious. These captions from will really help you express your “elf” in your ugly Christmas sweater!

  • “This is what sweater weather looks like.”
  • “The tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year, because my sweater also has lights in it.”
  • “Eat, drink, and wear a tacky Christmas sweater.”
  • “I dare you not to laugh at my ugly Christmas sweater.”
  • “My sweaters every day: slay. My sweaters in December: sleigh.”
  • “Watch out ‘Vogue,’ here I come.”
  • “Christmas sweaters are beautiful in their own little ways.”
  • “You may be wondering how someone can be so cute in something so tacky.”
  • “What ugly sweater?”
  • “I know, my fashion choices sleigh all day.”
  • “‘Tis the season to be tacky.”
  • “So ugly, it’s cute, duh!”

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