This morning, two-time Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum band, Disturbed share their live video for “Hold on to Memories.” The video, directed by Rafa Alcantara, is both a remembrance of those who are no longer with us, as well as a celebration of their life and the light they brought to those closest to them. The video and song’s message is a powerful and universal one: as long as you keep someone’s memory with you, a piece of them is still alive. The message is also a timely one, with many taking stock of the past year and decade. Watch the live video for “Hold on to Memories” here.

Additionally, today the band launch an interactive video creator where fans can upload up to eight photos of their favorite memories to create a video montage backed by “Hold on to Memories.” Fans can access this feature on Disturbed’s website here.

The live video for “Hold on to Memories” captures a moment during Disturbed’s live show where the band performs the song alongside a video collage of their favorite memories, with photos and videos of their friends and families, both here and gone. During this part of each show, lead vocalist David Draiman asks the crowd to actively create these memories: “The people who have left us, are never completely gone. They stay in our memory, and I encourage each and every one of you to live everyday of your lives like it’s the last day of your life, making memories that last forever with the people you care about and love. Shine your light on this world everyone. Make memories that will last forever and cut through the darkness.” This message is also reflected in the song’s lyrics: “So now go do the best things in life / Bring the fight to this world while you can/ Make the most of the rest of your life /Shine your light on this world while you can/ And hold on to memories/ Hold on to every moment/ To keep them alive.” The band will also release an official music video for the song in the new year, directed by Matt Mahurin, who has previously directed their “Sound of Silence” music video.

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