New music for your Friday! New Song Produced by Nashville Based Jay Joyce (Cage The Elephant and White Reaper) with up and comer in the UK Declan McKenna.

Beautiful Faces is about young people in the modern world and how intimidating it can be. How scary it is to see so much and feel as though you’re doing so little so I wanted it to be a big song… Scary big. It very much relates to now, but I wanted to reimagine social media in this future-sphere where it has become even more immersive so that we cannot see where it ends and we begin. It’s a song about aesthetic beauty – literal beauty- but also the false power we give to people and relinquish from ourselves. It’s purposefully vague because we will project our own anxieties onto it, in the same way that we allow these vapid exchanges with one another to metamorphose into monsters that don’t actually exist, but to us they actually do
-Declan McKenna