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Mental health was such a taboo topic when I was growing up. I felt like if I ever told anyone about how anxious and depressed I get I would automatically be considered an outcast. Kids from my generation were ruthless. The way we treated each other, and even I’m guilty of it.. was wild. Words were exchanged that simply can NOT be said today without serious consequences. Now it’s 2020. Now I don’t really care what other people think about my mental deficiencies because I know that I’m not alone.. that i’m not deficient at all, but that instead LOTS of people all around the world suffer from neurological conditions. A good friend of mine, Melissa and her husband were on a plane that fell out of the sky in Kenya early in 2019. This is one of two reasons the song is called “Fly”. I’ve known many people that have passed too soon, but for whatever reason this one hit very hard and it was that night that I decided I needed to write the realest shit I could possibly write because life can be over in an instant. So these words, they are all true and I am no longer afraid of them. I needed to try an help other people who have stood on top of buildings ready to jump, I needed my brother to know It’s my fault we don’t talk enough, I needed my Mom to know i forgive her for the choices she made in life… and to tell myself that it’s ok to not be superman every second. It’s also why I shot the video in the back of the tour bus when I had the flu. I’m living in this world where there is a filter on everything, where on social media everyone kind of enhances how they look. I look like shit in this video and I don’t care. This video had to be as raw as the song itself. The boys have had my back so hard on this song and it’s absolutely insane at concerts when thousands of people are singing these words back at me. It’s a special one, and we hope that it can help others to realize we’re all in this shit together. Life is scary. Thank you so much for helping us spread our art.” – Johnny Stevens

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