The Strokes’ new album ‘The New Abnormal’ was released last night, and we’ve already listened to it one too many times! Since the Panda is a Mets fan, we picked this song to feature for your Friday!
After seven long years, The Strokes have finally dropped a new record.
In what couldn’t be a more perfect title for our current time, the New York rockers have named their sixth studio album, The New Abnormal.
Rick Rubin handled producer duties on the nine tracks spanning 45 minutes, which has hit the streaming sites.
While the band is unable to tour thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, they’re promoting the release through what they’ve dubbed a “pirate radio series” called Five Guys talking about things they know nothing about. When the pandemic is over, they’ll hit the road again.
Which other bands have you been waiting on to drop new music?

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