The year: 1994

People were born, people passed away.

We were at the end of the grunge era, and alternative music was really starting to get big.

Among the alt goodness was little number about cult life:

The song’s origins lie in folklore from the band’s native state of Texas. Possum Kingdom Lake is a lake in North Texas near Fort Worth. In the documentary “Dark Secrets: The Stories of Rubberneck”, Lewis further elaborates that he intended “Possum Kingdom” to be a continuation of the story told in the song “I Burn”. While he envisioned “I Burn” to be a story about cult members immolating themselves in order to ascend to a higher plane, “Possum Kingdom” was about one of the immolated people becoming “just smoke, and …he goes to Possum Kingdom [Lake] and tries to find somebody to join him.”

Enjoy this song, which, oddly enough, has cult status among it’s fans.


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