While some promoters might have trouble coming up with merchandise to accompany an album that features all-black packaging, the publicists for Weezer have taken the simplistic idea and run with it.
To promote the anticipated “Black Album,” Weezer’s website already offers all-black disposable cameras, puzzles and even coffee. Now it’s added a one-of-a-kind Fender Stratocaster, which the band plans on giving to one lucky sweepstakes winner. Everyone who buys merchandise from the site is automatically entered in the sweepstakes.
Mimicking the black motif of the rest of the merchandise, the guitar’s individual components — such as its black scratch plate, pickups, bridge and volume knobs — are indistinguishable as they all seem to blend into each other. Even the fingerboard and head stock are black. One of the view color variants comes in the form of Weezer’s trademarked “W,” which appears beneath the bridge and on the rear neck plate.
Weezer comes to Columbia with the Pixies this Sunday!

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