Somewhere along the way, Weezer has gone from an alternative rock band that mostly appealed to college students to a veteran act that’s constantly showered with respect. As proof of the group’s elevated status, one needn’t look any further than the latest season of the popular game Fortnite.
Epic Games has added an island called “Weezer World” to the game’s creative hub, which sports a Weezer-inspired theme park and a virtual jukebox that plays Weezer songs. Included in the jukebox’s selection of tunes are four previously-unheard tracks from the band’s upcoming The Black Album.
The pairing of Weezer and Fortnite should come as no surprise to the band’s fans — frontman Rivers Cuomo is a devout Fortnite player.
Why do you think Weezer has garnered so much respect? What other acts would you like to see incorporated into Fortnite?

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