Earlier this year, Winston Marshall from Mumford & Sons endorsed a book about Antifa’s “radical plan to destroy democracy.”  When that kicked up dust on social media, he apologized and announced he was taking some time away from the band to, quote, “examine my blind spots.”

Well, Winston took that time, and decided he’s LEAVING the band.  He issued a statement saying:

“Reporting on extremism at the great risk of endangering oneself is unquestionably brave.  I also feel that my previous apology in a small way participates in the lie that such extremism does not exist, or worse, is a force for good.”

Winston said leaving Mumford & Sons is the only way forward, because to stay and censor himself would, quote, “erode my sense of integrity [and] gnaw my conscience.” He also said he didn’t want the rest of the band to suffer the consequences of him speaking his mind, and he wished them nothing but the best.

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