Busch Light, the official beer sponsor of NASCAR, has partnered with Crocs to release two limited-edition styles designed to complement outdoor adventures – and encouraging 21+ fans to set up camp for a chance to win a free pair.

 21+ fans who are camping at Darlington Raceway to enjoy the race this weekend can enter for a chance to win a FREE pair of Busch Light Crocs by setting up camp and heading to campoutforyourcrocs.com to upload a photo of themselves camping.

As the beer brewed for the great outdoors, the Busch Light Crocs sandal and clog designs feature all-terrain soles, flannel accents, and attached accessories including a roll-up koozie and survival flashlight, giving 21+ fans everything they need to enjoy outdoor activities (like cracking open a cold one at a NASCAR race!) conveniently on their feet.